Qtaby Events has recently gotten the franchise to commercialize “Le Braided Couture” in Nigeria.

Le Braided Fabric is a timeless, high end, unique fabric produced by a francophone designer called JB Hounyovi. It is partly handmade and designed from ribbons, leaving an exotic, rich finishing. The brand has been in existence for over two decades and is solely produced by the designer Jean Baptiste Hounyovi who has the patent for the fabric.

Our clientele cuts across the young fashionable and successful public to the mature moguls and fashion pace-setters as we make Contemporary, African, Afro-centric attires e.t.c as well as shoes, accessories, hats and ties.

The brand has strong presence in the French/francophone world; has made imposing appearances at world class fashion shows across Africa, Europe, America and Asia; Clothing dignitaries like the Queen of Netherlands, The First Lady of Benin Republic, The immediate past First Lady of France, The First Lady of Senegal, The President of Equatorial Guinea, several celebrities e.t.c and is presently being infused into the English and Anglophone world.